The Best Gift Boxes, Bags and Gift Packaging Ideas for Christmas

The Best Gift Boxes, Bags and Gift Packaging Ideas for Christmas

Gift box production schedules are filling up fast, so if you need a large quantity of gift boxes, contact us to confirm your order so we can meet your delivery date deadline.  For smaller orders stock is available to send now, but you should still allow approximately 3 to 4 working days for delivery. 

With many of us considering how to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce waste, Boxit’s card gift boxes are a must.  They are New Zealand made, eco-friendly using a large percentage of recycled content, environmentally friendly being 100% biodegradable, recyclable, reusable, colourful, strong, easy to assemble and are flat packed ensuring they are easy and cost effective to send.  

Shop online for a wide range of gift box options including wine gift boxes, square or rectangular gift boxes, hinged lid gift boxes, hamper boxes with a carry handles, gift trays and gift bags.  You can view the gift box  measurements for all options, but if you need help, give our friendly team a call to assist.  See individual listings for minimum order quantities as these vary depending on the size and style of box.

To help you make the right decision, let’s look into the best gift box or bag size and style to suit your gift products:

Wine Gift Boxes and Bags and Wine Bottle Cartons

Best sellers for the Christmas season!  Everyone loves to receive a specialty wine to celebrate the festive season and the wine gift boxes are available in black in sizes to suit one, two or three bottles of wine. Choose modern wine boxes with a sturdy carry handle and windows which are ideal for displaying the wine bottle labels.  Or see the hinged lid style without window for a standard size single bottle of wine or champagne.

If you are sending your wine bottle gift boxes by courier or post, you will need an outer carton packaging to protect the gift box and wine.  We have outer cartons specifically designed for our single bottle wine and two bottle wine gift boxes.  Or you may decided to send the wine in a purpose specific protective post pack allowing you to do away with the need for a gift box!  The post packs are designed for one or two bottles of wine and come with an extra brace at the top of the pack to keep the neck of the wine bottles safe and secure in transit.

For a natural look, the flax wine bottle bag with carry handles is suitable for a single bottle of wine, champagne, port, spirits or  liqueur and they easily accommodate those slightly taller beverage bottles.  Or you may like to consider the natural flax gift boxes with lift off lids for one or two bottles of alcohol.  This style looks great when filled with wood shavings to create a nest for the bottles to be displayed and to create a rustic look while also  keeping them safe for transportation.  For those with a larger budget and wanting a more study and reusable wine box option you can’t go past our natural grain wood gift boxes with sliding lid available in one, two and three bottles sizes.  These are perfect for your gift recipient to reuse in any home decor situation for display or storage.  Again, these wooden wine bottle boxes should be filled with wood shavings to finish the presentation look. 

For the summer season, the reusable two bottle insulated cooler bags make an excellent choice.  The bag features a canvas look with a handy carry strap in sophisticated grey and black design, is insulated, has a padded divider for the bottles and features a zip front pocket and contrast stitch detailing.  Ideal for use at BYO restaurants, outdoor summer picnic gatherings or sharing a summer BBQ dinner at a friend's place.

Square Gift Boxes

The square gift boxes range is versatile option with colour choices of red, white or black. Their height can be cut down to suit your gift content size requirements and they are cost effective.  Use these boxes for cookies, cakes, chocolates, pamper and grooming products, crockery, ceramics and artists bowls and vases to name a few gift ideas. This range also includes an extra large “balloon” gift box which is an ideal size for a helium filled balloon gift idea!  But they are also the perfect size for a larger linen gifts like a selection of bathroom linen or a blanket or throw.

Rectangle Gift Boxes

For a premium lift off lid gift box the rectangle gift boxes in medium, large and extra large is the way to go.  The medium is the perfect size and strength for a non-alcoholic beverage, a beer, wine, champagne, port, spirits or liqueur together with a range of gourmet food gifts or for a single item of clothing like a sweatshirt or woollen jumper.  The large and extra large sizes are ideal for a more generous selection of beverages and gourmet food or for larger clothing items or linen gifts including quality bath towels, blankets or throws.

Hinged Lid Gift Boxes

f you are needing packaging for corporate promotional material, paperwork and small products, the hinged lid gift box range is the most cost effect gift box option.  These boxes are also a narrower depth than the box styles listed above making them perfect to present journals, photo albums and stationery items.

Hamper Gift Boxes

For a fun, utilitarian tool box look, see the hamper gift boxes range offering in three size options.  These sturdy gift hampers come complete with a built in, easy to use carry handle and they have a good volume so can take a fair quantity of gift products.  The larger two sizes will accommodate a standard bottle of wine or two lying down while still allowing room for additional gift items on top.  

Gift Trays 

If you need to display a range of gift items in a visually appealing way, gift trays work well.  Are you looking to present a range of food on a gift tray?  See the natural and black paisley gift trays range designed for food gift presentations as both faces of the board have a food grade protective coating.  Or for a gift tray with extra strong card for heavier gift presentation requirements, see the Flare Trays Gold and Black Stripe range.

Flax Presentation Folder, Flax and Jute Gift Bags

If you are in need of a unique presentation folder for A4 size paper whether it be promotional information, welcome packs, event information, brochures, a journal or small album, you can’t go past the flax presentation folder with velcro closure.  These are proving a popular option for use in companies, at conferences and at corporate events for paperwork presentations.  This folder has also been used as a gift presentation folder for a carved New Zealand mere.

Flax kete bags are a very popular choice, ideal for creating a kiwiana feel for your gift products, often used for gifts with a New Zealand theme and for overseas speakers or visitors.  Choose the extra small size as a NZ wedding favours bag idea.  For delicate gift products we recommend using wood shavings as a filler for protection of the gift products.  Flax ketes are easy to send as they are flat by design so take up less space.  If you are interested in a more handbag style of flax gift bag, the best way to go is the square flax gift bags range of three options.  They feature a gusset so are the answer for wider gift products e.g. candles or small bowls and they are free standing, so look great when displayed on mass at a corporate event or conference situation.  Or consider using them for a unique corporate goodies bag or the small size as a natural look wedding favours bag.

The jute gift bags range can be easily reused by your gift recipient for shopping and as a home decor storage solution.  All come with a gusset base, so are free standing and ideal for wider shaped gift products that won’t fit in the kete style bags.

To finish, let's look at a couple of other gift wrapping and corporate branding options that will help you in your quest for professional gift presentation looks:

Giant Bows

Do you need a Giant Bow for that extra large gift idea or for display in your corporate showroom or event?  Boxit's Giant Bows have been used on cars, vans, trucks, home front doors, business front doors, beds, appliances, boats and even an aeroplane!  Also ideal to brighten up your office front door, reception or showroom or to decorate a larger space at a corporate event.  Our bright red big bows with long ribbon cross strips create the WOW factor, are easy to assemble being a pop-up design, are reusable and will provide maximum presentation impact wherever displayed.  

Corporate Gift Wrapping Services

Quality corporate gift wrapping is a must to portray a professional image in representation of your business.  This is where the team at Boxit can assist with our corporate gift wrapping services for quantities of 20 gifts or more.  Contact Boxit with your gift wrapping requirements today!  We can advise on the best size and style of gift box, gift bag or quality gift wrapping look for your gift product combination.  We also supply satin ribbon in a range of colours with embellishments to best match your corporate company colours and branding.  

Corporate Branding

Corporate companies should always seriously consider branded gifts.  Including your logo in some way creates maximum brand exposure and will showcase your business . Christmas is the perfect opportunity to give a gift incorporating your business brand, your website address or other business contact details.  It can also provide an opportunity to include your summer holiday season message.  Think about utilising modern swing tags as part of your gift wrapping presentation, or adhesive labels on gift boxes or investing in quality branded satin ribbon for a luxe gift wrapping look.  Or let us create a personalised and branded gift card with your message.

Boxit also offers full colour branding, embroidery, stylish suede branding or embossed leather branding on merchandise and other gift products in minimum quantities of 20 plus.  You will need to allow a few weeks lead in time for gift products to be branded and ready to send, so do not delay!  We are happy to discuss the options from big and bold to more subtle branding ideas to complete the overall gift giving effect.  We have an in-house design facility to assist you with the process.

Christmas gift wrapping, gift packaging and corporate branding ideas sorted at Boxit - gifting made easy.

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